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the sun's daughter
26 August 2010 @ 08:58 pm
In which I attempt to catch you guys up on what happened between Spring and right now.

School is looking shiny and new this fall, and I'm very, very excited about it. If I play my cards right, I should be wrapped up by mid-2011. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Most of spring was dedicated to working, working, working. I quit Greenpeace because of two physical attacks from people that I tried to stop (got pushed into a wall, then spat on, which apparently qualifies as a physical attack but does not give me a reason to punch someone? Oh well. I tripped him instead( and the fact that I am a certain kind of hippie - the kind that showers and does not enjoy eating falafel a billion times a week while getting all dank or whatever you kids call it. GP kids are alright, and they're fun to hang with, but my job was becoming my life and I couldn't stand that. Went back to Sephora after a week of unemployment, and I still hate it there. So, I've got an interview set up for a new job next week. Work, work, work.

I also spent spring hanging out with my friends and learning how to play bass, which I'm still working on. Spring led to summer, which led to Anime Expo 2010, which was amazing. I miss all my friends so much, and I'm so happy to have spent that weekend around so many wonderful people. The Beadles rocked the house, by the way, and we promise to do the same at ALA as well.

Cut for AX photos..Collapse )

AX was supposed to be my last con for the year, but thanks to the combined efforts of Sonnya, Chris, Jack, and Jasmine, I ended up heading to Otakon with barely a week's worth of planning. Popped out a Nino costume (I LOVE IT SO MUCH) which was saved by Hatsuu (THANKS) and ran around being a hobo for a chunk of the con. Had lots of fun, overall, and got to hang with Liz, Ame, Chris, and Sonnya more often than usual, which was lovely.

There was a plan to move to California and it failed. Ah, well. Happens every year.

Outside of that, life has been all about rearranging my room, working on new songs, learning the bass, and planning the rest of this/next year, which looks something like this:

a vague summary of 2010/2011 plansCollapse )

Either way, I'm excited for this trip. And after that? Ah, who knows. By then I should be out of school, so maybe I'll go off and make something of myself. Mayyyybe.

Agh, I go off on a tangent too easily on this thing. This is why I never post anymore!

At any rate:

the sun's daughter
28 July 2010 @ 07:09 pm

Here's what Otakon looks like for me.


Friday: Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier.
Saturday: Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Sunday: MAYBE Ranma from Ranma 1/2. I dunno' if I still have my belt, but if I do, I'll wear it.

As far as my con schedule goes:
- I'm getting in on Friday between 1-2PM.
- I'm doing makeup for Zoh's models at the Lolita Fashion Show on Friday.
- I wanna' try and find someone to do a shoot with David and I in our Arakawa costumes.
- And I wanna' have a good time. :]

PM me your numbers, hit me up on my cell, and let's make this Otakon awesome, because I swear (this time) it'll be my last!
the sun's daughter
21 July 2010 @ 08:25 pm
Why not? :D


What are you wearing on what days?
I'm only going on Saturday and Sunday, so for Saturday I'm wearing Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge. Hobo cosplay at hobocon. :]

Who are you driving with?
Riding out on BoltBus on Saturday! .. Anyone know how to get from the stop to the con center? Ah ha ha ha. D: On the way home, I'm hitching a ride with Jasmine and Judy. <3

What's your cell number so I can call you and we can hang out?!
PM me to exchange numbers! I want to see everyone!!

Are you doing the masquerade? Or just hall cosplay?
Pfff, neither! Competing is too much work.

What photoshoots do you have planned? Any gatherings and stuff?
Going to ask Sonnya or Chris to shoot me and Yuuki, but otherwise, nope!

What about panels or workshops? Maybe the dealer's room?
I'll probably pop into the dealer's room to say hi to everyone, and I'm going to the lolita fashion show to support friends, but otherwise.. I dunno'? I'll find stuff to do, for sure. <3

You wanna go and party on Saturday night? Maybe get drunk or something.
HELLS yes. Sonnya, Chris, Aisha, David, Liz, and Ame all wanna party, and I am DOWN for partying with them because they are super cool. If anyone else wants to do stuff, lemme know!
the sun's daughter
20 July 2010 @ 10:15 am
OTAKON IS GO! Thanks cosplaymemories, 4ng31, s0nified and sakuralenayuy!

I'll see you guys there!!
the sun's daughter
21 May 2010 @ 10:47 pm
AX is NEXT week and I'm 200 bones short! Help a sister out! Please note that these prices DO NOT include shipping, since that depends on what I'm sending and where I'm sending it to!

I accept PAYPAL only. The stuff has to go ASAP! Please take a look!

So, without further adieu, I present..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

the sun's daughter
04 May 2010 @ 04:25 pm

Yeaah. So I'm basically never posting here again, I think!
the sun's daughter
16 April 2010 @ 08:24 pm

the sun's daughter
06 February 2010 @ 10:15 am
Just a quick general idea.

- Check-in around mid-afternoon.

- Ukraine 'til 4
- Tsubaki 'til 7 (shoot at 6)
- David's birthday dinner
- formalwear

- WHOSE LINE (2pm Live 2)
- Lolita show (4pm idk where)

- Home. :D!!

Nice, simple con is nice and simple. Good times.

After I get back I have to get to the post office and ship out all this stuff that I've sold. Oh, Monday's gonna be fun..
the sun's daughter
03 February 2010 @ 10:27 pm

Hey, internet! Yes, you, sitting in front of your computer! Take that finger out of your ass and do something productive for a second by reading and responding to this post.

At Katsucon, I'm hosting a show called "Whose Line is it Anime?" (SATURDAY, 2PM, LIVE 2). and the namesake game is on the line-up for the afternoon. This game requires heavy participation from the audience. The basic idea is that two cast members improvise a scene and are required to pull pre-written lines at random during the course of the scene. Here's a quick video reference:

In the original version, the audience was made to write lines before the show. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we can't have our audience fill out a bunch of papers before the show starts. That said, I've decided to rely on lines from THE INTERNET, even though only 30% of you will attend this show (I hope).

And so, I come to you with but one request:


One line per comment. Anonymous commenting is ON, screening is ON. This means that only I will be able to access these comments. The cast members will not know about these lines until they pull 'em out of their pockets.

This is a big experiment on my part, so I need your help to make it happen!

Thanks a ton, guys! Make sure to come and check out the show if you can!
the sun's daughter
08 January 2010 @ 09:33 am
Anyone in need of a room for Katsu? :D